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Learning from the Best Makeup Artist in Kolkata: How to Select the Right Course?

No matter how passionate you are about makeup, you cannot turn your passion into a career without professional training. Thankfully, acquiring professional training has never been easier for aspiring makeup artists.

The best makeup artists in Kolkata today offer personalized courses. These courses can give aspiring makeup artists the certification and the professional edge they need to build a career in the beauty industry. 

But which makeup course Kolkata should you choose? How to find a makeup course right for your career goals? 

Don’t worry. Here are the details aspiring makeup artists need to consider before they choose a makeup course. Follow this guide to ensure you pick the right course.

#1. Be Ruthlessly Career-Centric 

A makeup artist can choose multiple career paths. From beauticians who work permanently at the best ladies’ beauty parlours in Kolkata to temporary bridal makeup artists who work on a contract basis, there are many ways to be a professional makeup artist. 

The makeup course you choose should be based on what kind of career path you want. Your options include:

  • Introductory Courses: If you want to learn the basics of makeup, opt for an introductory course. These courses teach colour theory, contouring, and blending techniques. They help students understand different skin types/tones. They also cover makeup basics like maintaining makeup tools, performing corrective techniques, applying false eyelashes, and more.
  • Advanced Courses: To specialize in specific makeup genres (e.g., fashion makeup, film makeup, etc.), opt for an advanced course that teaches the techniques you want to learn. 
  • Bridal Cosmetics Course: Want to work exclusively at weddings? Go for a comprehensive bridal cosmetics course. Learn about creating indoor, outdoor, formal, and casual bridal looks for different age groups and skin tones.
  • Airbrushing Course: Airbrushing is an advanced skill that only the best makeup artists in Kolkata know to execute with perfection. If you’re interested in techniques like invisible makeup application or bronzing the entire body, a course specifically focused on airbrushing will be ideal.

#2. Trainer Expertise

makeup course in Kolkata is as good as the providers behind the course. So, before signing up for a course, make sure that:

  • The trainers behind the course have several years of industry experience.
  • They have prior experience teaching students and helping them build their own careers.
  • Teach the latest makeup techniques/trends that customers are willing to pay for.
  • Offer personalized and hands-on teaching so that you can learn at a better pace.

#3. Post-Course Support 

A good makeup course should not only teach you how to become a professional makeup artist. It should also open up routes to employment! So, before selecting a course, ask the course providers what type of work-related support they can provide upon course completion. At Venus Ladies Beauty Parlour, we provide such career-oriented makeup courses. Most of our students go on to land well-paying jobs or start their own business journeys after completing our makeup courses! 


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