Desire for self beautification is inherent in all human beings. In very ancient times, people used all kinds of flowers and stones to beautify themselves. Over time only tastes and preferences have undergone varied transformations to suit the needs of the changing times.

In the modern age, women have become extremely busy doing work at home and outside. They cant afford the time needed for beauty treatment and thus beauty parlours have come up to fulfill such needs. Venus beauty parlour is one such place in the Behala area.

Opened in 2000, it has already come to earn quite a name among its customers. We are equally specialized in every branch of beauty treatment, be it in hair or skin care or massage or bridal grooming of all sorts. We provide assistance in creating an individuality of self expression.

We maintain friendly and trustful relations with our customers. Our strength lies in the offering knowledge and advice to women eager to look pretty and confident..

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