Beauty Salons: A Love Letter For Women All Around.

Our first threading experience gave us some bittersweet pain back in high school, while we still look back in time when many of us had a difficult time convincing our parents to get our hair dyed! Not to forget the much-awaited high school farewell event that was pretty much incomplete without a quick parlour session! With evolving time and the advent of new technical wizardry, beauty salons have become the ultimate hub for self-care as it justifies the age-old belief that when you look good, you feel good! The cold facial cream touching our pale and tired skin, the relaxing spa session leaving the hair all glowing are all part of the self-pampering experience that everyone looks forward to. Contrary to what the conventional beauty standards have made us believe for all these years, it is not about a small beauty session but is about how therapeutic it can be for us. From our first waxing experience to the advanced facial session, it is all about a beautiful love letter for women all across the globe!

Ranjita Paul.


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Ranjita Paul.
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