Balcony the space

A three- foot by nine- foot open area facing the bright cerulean sky and marshmallow clouds at the tenth-floor apartment, my Balcony.

A beautifully done balcony is a must have in every dream house. The decoration of the external space should emphasise the freshness of nature and ways to enjoy it to the fullest.

Have turned my Balcony space into a personal sanctuary coupled with an open coffee house effect. wooden rafters across the ceiling with a distressed surface. Arrow shaped edge hanging from the ridge along the entire length of the ceiling. Interestingly the ceiling also conceals a storage. Brick wall with an edgy unfinished look adorns the opposite walls. Folding coffee table, one wooden bench and a few furnishings to give the antique feel. Framed movie posters posing a retro ambience. Metallic pendent filament lights to jazz up the exterior. Most essential is the green part, done with carpet grass and natural planters.

Colour scheme plays an important role in any form of Interior and exterior decor. Here I have created shades to bring in some type of primitive style, with a mix of grey and white unevenly painted. The red brick wall with cement filled edges. Some bright colours punched into the entire space adds a cheerful edge.

To make living an art that is the goal.

Manoshi Chowdhury.

Interior designer by profession.


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