Aging: Embracing It With Grace

Why is aging glued with such taboo in society? This reminds me of the time when a comedian joked about the fact how an actress in her 50s is playing the role of a mother while the leading actors are playing love interests to a 24-year-old! The bitter joke comes with a striking question: What is so bad about aging and why is it primarily attached to this one gender? Despite the public outcry about ageism, it seems like mainstream media needs to do a better job at it.

The new age generation has been voicing their concerns about the ongoing movement of ageism! Women are no stranger to the fact that how with growing age, they are often rendered invisible in the media. Believe it or not, several women have revealed this stage as a happy one! These women are not only embracing their age with grace but this unrestrained power over their life is finally getting them a seat at the table. This reminds me of a tweet made by writer Emily Nunn who said, “We don’t feel invisible. You erase us.”

Contrary to toxic believes that we often attach to old age, it surely comes along with a lot of wisdom, experience and not to forget some bitter life and love experience! When u age with time, you are given the gift of choice and freedom. Not to forget we become all the kinder to ourselves while achieving an astonishing amount of authenticity as well. So, next time be a bit more grateful as you are given the gift of life and what a privilege it is to be alive!

by Ranjita Paul


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